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Dear Iqbalians
Executive Council of AIMCAANA would like to thank all of you for your generosity and benevolence in the relief efforts for Flood Effected victims of Pakistan.

With your active participation and help, many of the projects have had far reaching success; especially the  water purification units coordinated by APPKI, provision of medical care by AIMC faculty and student teams of volunteers in the flood affected areas, collection of funds, food and clothing by your communities are a few to name.

As the flood water begins to recede we are entering the phase of rehabilitation to rebuild what has been destroyed. This will be quite a challenge if we consider the fact that even with all the resources available in United States, New Orleans has not yet returned to its pre-Katrina state 5 years later. It will be much harder for Pakistan to rebuild since it has scarce resources and low funding options available. Therefore, it is imperative that we play our part as individuals and as alumni association in the rebuilding process.


AIMCAANA EC has decided to play its part in this rebuilding process. Our initial goal is to build 50 one bedroom houses for widows and disabled in several communities of southern Punjab and possibly more in other provinces depending upon our resources. It is estimated that the cost of building such a house on basis of self help by families is around 70,000 to 85,000 Pakistani rupees for brick house and Rs. 36,000 to 40,000 for mud house (please see  further details at We are hoping to finish the construction of 50 houses for the widows and disabled by the end of October to provide shelter to these families as winter is fast approaching. We are also planning to connect each donor with a family to establish life long relationship. 

With help of members like you we have been able to develop very strong local contacts on the ground to accomplish this goal. AIMCAANA with help of its citizen committee in Pakistan will be partnering with Rukhsana Tahirkheli Foundation ( for this specific endeavor. It was founded by Dr Naeem Tahirkheli, a fellow Iqbalian and AIMCAANA BOT member, who is a practicing cardiologist in Oklahoma City to honor the life long mission of human service by his mother.  Mrs Rukhsana Tahirkheli is herself the Chairperson and runs day to day affairs with help of other family members. This is a 501c3 organization registered with IRS in USA and also federally recognized tax exempt NGO in Pakistan. Overhead charges are minimal as family members donate their own time and money for humanitarian purposes and almost 100% of our donation would reach flood victims. Dr Tahirkheli has no vested interest in this endeavor and is just supporting us as he himself believes in assisting people directly rather than having middlemen and thus ensures the complete utility and transparency of donations. Please feel free to contact him at or 405-249-9168 for any questions or additional info.

We are once again reaching out to our generous membership to join hands with AIMCAANA and achieve our goals. We will also be diverting part of our funds pledged for other AIMCAANA projects in the last summer meeting towards this noble cause.

Please click below to donate. Your prompt response would be enable us to provide shelter to these families as soon as possible before winter sets in.



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