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[Sample No. 1]                                  



Like many people, I also have thought long and hard over my career choice. I believe it is the fulfillment of our dreams that leads us to our ultimate goals of happiness and satisfaction. For me, healing a sick person and bringing back a smile to his face is the most satisfying thing.  It was also the dream of my parents that I should become a doctor and for that purpose they made me get the best education they could, which they felt would best help me achieve my goal. Determination, faith and the values that my parents instilled in me materialized when I was admitted to one of the best medical schools of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore. 


The years in the medical college were not easy by any stretch of imagination. The transition from a well-protected environment of my school to a new, diverse and highly competitive environment of the college was like a shock of cold water. I feel I rose to the challenge and tried my best to get the most out of myself and make the most use of the available resources.


There are two things that come to my mind when I think about a career in medicine: variety and the potential for continued learning. I want to contribute to the fund of knowledge in my field and have the freedom to participate in several related disciplines, so that my interest does not wane and my professional life does not feel stagnant. Combining these desires with the enjoyment of figuring out how things work and an aptitude for mastering complex knowledge led me to select [specific field] as my career path. My interest was aroused going through my clinical rotations. The careful contemplation of history, physical exam, and test results leading to diagnosis and ultimately treatment fascinated me. I gained confidence in taking care of my patients during my internship at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. My interest further increased when I attended a number of clinico-pathological conferences and seminars. My basic motivation was how in my capacity I can help save lives of people. [Specific field] offers everything I want in my career, the ability to make a difference in the lives of patients, a highly variable disease presentation, wide range of treatment options, and dramatic interventional techniques that I find rewarding, exciting and challenging. With this ambition and because of my aptitude and inclination towards [specific field], I started working in a [name of hospital] in my hometown after completing my internship. My work experience in various fields of medicine and then in a [name of hospital] convinced me that there would be nothing better than continuing [specific field] for the rest of my life. I have not looked back since. I passed USMLE-1, USMLE-2 and clinical skills exam and came to the United States in pursuit of my goal.


My aim is to excel in the field of [specific field], which is well suited for me because it encompasses a multitude of areas in medicine. I want to face the challenges that it offers. I know my intentions are sincere and noble; I worked as hard as I could and intend to do the same in future. I would very much like to join your residency program, because I believe it will improve me and let me reach my career goals. My own goals should operate in tandem with the goals of my employers.  I am a firm believer in team work and I see my success in the success of others. I try hard to get along with my colleagues and my patients by having a positive attitude and performing my duties in an efficient and professional manner.




[Sample No. 2]                                  



The influence my elder brother had on me was deep and widespread. This was a factor behind my decision to join medicine. I had seen my brother treating his patients with great care and sympathy.  The dedication and commitment with which he worked left a lasting impression on my mind. With that feeling and background, I always wanted to become a doctor. I worked hard in pursuit of my goal, joined pre-medical and finally got admission in one of the best medical colleges of Pakistan.


My first clinical rotation was in [specific field]. It was when I came in direct contact with my patients. I realized the importance of good history taking and physical examination techniques and took extra time to interact with my patients. I used to explain them about their disease, treatment options and prognosis, and worked hard to find answers to their queries. I also used to prepare cases and discuss them with my seniors. I also realized that sound knowledge of medicine gives confidence and augments the ability to treat patients in a better way.


I have come a long way from the time seeing my brother working as a doctor to now when I see myself. I have realized that being a physician is a privilege and honor that should not be taken for granted. To treat an ill patient, nurse him back to health and to bring smile to his face is the most satisfying thing. I firmly believe that medical education is not accomplished by books rather it requires you to work with the patients from whom you learn a lot. My clinical experience as a doctor has made me realize that we all need to work as a team in order to provide best care to the patients. This team includes not just the doctors but also nurses and paramedics. Thus taking advantage of each other's expertise ensures a complete care to the patient.


My five years association with the patient's welfare society gave me an opportunity to work with the community. I used to arrange campaigns, blood camps and fund raising concerts for the needy. The glint in the eyes of a poor patient on receiving unexpected relief was a gratifying experience. I would definitely like to branch out my professional and academic expertise for community welfare projects. Apart from the field of medicine, my other passions are playing cricket and chess, listening to music, swimming or spending an evening at gym. All these activities help me rejuvenate my spirits to face the stark realities of life that a doctor so often encounters in the midst of the ailing humanity.  


Thus far my journey has been most satisfying and I look forward to continue my career in line with my aspirations and ambitions. The road to medicine is not about destiny but it's the journey itself that matters and I look forward to that journey. An inquiring analytical mind, an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge and heartfelt compassion for the ailing is what I have to offer to your program. Your program has all the tools to bring the best out of me. It is with these intentions that I am applying for residency program at your institute. I believe that my capabilities and commitment will help me achieve my goals.


 [Sample No. 3]                                  



Being the son/daughter of a doctor, my choice of medicine came no surprise to many, but little did anyone know that I actually had the passion for medicine brewing up since my school days. Seeing my dream come true, my belief in the strength of purpose and hard work has further strengthened. The right choice that I made has since then provided me with tremendous personal growth and has fortified my faith in my abilities to excel in life.


During the first two years of the medical school I was marveled by the beauty of the human anatomy and the sophistication of the physiology but the real charm of medicine was unleashed on me at the start of the third year clinical rotations, when I realized how fulfilling it was to put all that knowledge into use. I realized that there was a lot that could be learnt from outside the books. During my clinical years, with the wide variety of clinical scenarios and different patient presentations, every interaction was a new chapter for my learning.


My years in medical school taught me much more, altered my perception of myself and the world around. Training at the Allama Iqbal Medical College/Jinnah hospital gave me exposure to the most sophisticated medical technology available in the country while the field visits during my primary care rotation gave an experience with the most underprivileged areas of the city. This gave me a chance to work as a bridge between health care system and its consumers who are unable to visit hospitals because of financial and social constraints.  


My time in [specific field] not only provided me with an opportunity towards alleviating patient suffering and fostering relationship with them, but it also provided me with a continuous stimulus for intellectual and academic growth. It was my interest in medicine that prompted me to do a yearlong internship working on the medicine service after my graduation. It was a tremendous experience to get hands on experience in the medicine wards, doing practical procedures and managing my patients with a great deal of autonomy. Providing the patients uninterrupted care from admission to discharge and then following them on outpatient basis was very rewarding. Medicine has given me a sense of completion as a doctor while making me aware how much of a start of a journey it still is.


I intend to join a residency program that helps me exploit my true potential to the maximum. Blending in new circumstances and with new people has always been one of my strongest fortes. I look forward to learning from and contributing to a new healthcare system and the people who work under it. I want to enter a residency program that will provide me ample opportunity to practice clinical and academic medicine and be a part of a system in a way that I can contribute to it as well. I hope to bring my residency enthusiasm, great commitment and strong work ethics. I know that through a genuine team effort unimaginable heights can be achieved. I look forward to the next phase in my life with much anticipation and hope that it would be even more enriching than the one that passed by.




[Sample No. 4]                                  



From the time I began to understand this world, what disturbed me were the sufferings of sick people around me. It was during my high school years when I had to decide about my future, all I had on my mind was to choose such a profession as to enable me to make myself useful to these people. I considered all kinds of professions but it was medicine that convinced me that I may be able to help them in a better and effective way. It was a decision taken in time by me considering all my feelings. When you have an aim and right reason for it then you work hard, so did I. I set my goal and worked towards achieving my objective. I got admission in one of the best medical colleges of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore on the basis of my excellent academic record.


In medical school my inclination towards medicine reached to its peak during clinical years. I found medicine much more challenging and interesting as compared to other specialties. It demanded an enthralling spirit. I actively participated in discussions and case presentations at clinico pathological conferences. I also participated in various research activities with my colleagues and supervisors. I wanted to excel in my profession, so I I passed Usmle 1, Usmle 2 and clinical skills exam and came to the United States in pursuit of my goal. I was fascinated by the burgeoning advancements in medical technology and research which has brought a revolution.


I am not only good at my studies but also participate enthusiastically in extracurricular activities. In my high school years I played cricket, hockey and soccer. In medical school, I continued my participation in sports especially athletics. I was the captain of athletic team and won 5000 meter race twice and was declared the best athlete. These activities have not only made me more healthy but also furnished my decision power while dealing with patients and gave me an impetus to face all the imbroglios with dauntless courage. I have been actively involved in patient welfare work especially in arranging blood and drugs for the needy.


My aim is to excel in the field of [specific field]. I want to face the challenges that [specific field] offers. I know my intentions are sincere and noble; I worked as hard as I could and intend to do the same in future. I would very much like to join your residency program, because I believe it will improve me and let me reach my career goals.  I am a firm believer in team work and I see my success in success of others. I try hard to get along with my colleagues and my patients by having a positive attitude and performing my duties in an efficient and professional manner.



[Sample No. 5]                                  



I was once told by my preceptor A nephrologist is a quintessential internist. From managing a case of acute renal failure to understanding the potential complications of kidney transplantation, nephrology exemplifies the precision of medicine. During my residency I have also enjoyed having the opportunity to expand my understanding of the nuances of nephrology by working with a group of enthusiastic physicians and research personnel dedicated to patient care and teaching.  As a PGY2, I took care of a patient who presented with acute renal failure. He had been treated for Guillain barre syndrome with IVIG.  It was diagnosed that his renal failure was secondary to the sucrose that was present in IVIG solution. His kidney function recovered after hemodialysis.

      Since the University of -------- is a program which stresses the importance of academia my interest in research was harbored by clinical research faculty. This led to an opportunity to work with Dr.P------ on the -------- project, which is a prospective study to evaluate arterial compliance in patients with chronic kidney disease. Additionally, I learned the importance of literature review, data collection, statistical analyses and interpretation while working on a systemic review under the guidance of Dr.P. Transplant nephrology is another interest I value which I hope to pursue further. Currently, I am doing a chart review to determine the incidence of transplant rejection and nephrotoxicity in HLA matched kidney transplants.

      I have excelled in my internal medicine residency and have proven that I am an extremely dedicated individual with a passion for my work, my patients, as well as for learning and teaching. My residency training solidified my drive and interest for nephrology. I want to continue this throughout my fellowship as well. My objective is to enter a fellowship program that offers both academic and clinical opportunities to enable me to contribute and enrich the field of nephrology. I am confident that your program would allow me to do so. I look forward with excitement and a strong commitment to begin my career in nephrology.


[Sample No. 6]                                  


It was during my school years when I developed interest in the subject of science. But what fascinated me the most was the structure and function of human body.  I watched programs on television explaining the function of human brain, working of human heart and the way new developments in medical science were helping man fight against diseases. With motivation and intent to study medicine and to add my contribution, I joined the medical school. My pre-clinical years were both interesting and challenging. But this was what I really wanted to study so I enjoyed every moment of it. 

Medicine was the second ward I attended when my clinical clerkship started during the 3rd year. I found the vast and complex subject of medicine to be both interesting and intriguing. I realized that how the time honored skills of history taking and physical examination establish your relationship with the patient and help tremendously in management. It was then when I came across that 17 year old boy who was suffering from hemophilia. He had bleeding in his knee joint and it was all swollen. Our professor told us that his family was not able to afford the medicine. Hospital's limited funds did not allow for the possibility of free expensive medicines. This was a disturbing reality for all of us present there. Then this idea crossed my mind that if we were able to raise donations for this young boy, we could help him buy clotting factors, the medicine required for his disease. It was difficult for us to see someone deprived of an available treatment simply because he had no money. I along with my friends helped raise the donations for his medicine. Boy got better and his family appreciated our effort. It was a deeply satisfying and a life changing experience. I understood the importance of working together to help other people. It was when I joined the Patients' Welfare Society, an organization founded by our college students to collect money and blood donations for the disadvantaged patients. 

During my fourth year and final year rotations I was particularly influenced by Dr -------. His compassion for the patients and their dedication to medical profession served as a role model for me. He helped me develop the qualities of seeing from the patient's perspective, to understand his apprehensions, to be sensitive to his complaints and to go great lengths to bring comfort to him. I am aware of this stark reality that we may not always be able to save a life or cure an illness. But what we can do is to help the patient to live a self dependant life and free him from physical pain of the disease.

Over the years my fascination with medical science and interest in clinical research has grown. And my clinical experience has helped me appreciate the human aspect of medical profession as a doctor. I am of the view that while your mind should be working hard on the differential diagnosis, your expressions and manners should reflect the compassion and empathy you have for the patient. The special relationship that develops with the patient and the family is one of the most appealing aspects of medicine. I believe that the best evidence of a sincere effort on the part of physician is that even if the patient fails to survive, his friends and family be grateful for the effort. 

I look forward to continue educating myself with the aim of better serving those around me. I recognize the importance of teaching and clinical research in medicine. I see myself working as a teacher, researcher and clinician in my future life. I am confident that with hard work and strong commitment towards my profession, I will be able to achieve these goals. I seek a residency program that provides me with the opportunity to learn and practice medicine in a friendly but professionally competitive environment.

Thank you for considering my application.


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